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Building Together Local Indicators for Societal Progress

Rennes, 30-31 October 2008
by Aurore Lalucq (05-04-2011)
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A stage along the OECD Programme: "Measuring and Fostering the Progress of Societies"

Economic competitiveness and efficiency remain the priorities sought by societies and the ultimate objectives of public policy, while these should only be intermediate goals. The well-being of everyone should be the ultimate objective of societies, served by appropriate public policies, and this is what should be measured. Today, we know that well-being cannot be reduced to material wealth, as measured by GDP, and we need to explore wider well-being measures.

Our international conference fits in with this general perspective. Its ambition is to enable participants to share national and international experiences concerning the construction of local indicators of societal progress and well-being . It is a way of enabling a useful exchange of knowledge between elected representatives, those in charge of public policies, the members of local assemblies, citizens and academics, all concerned with the joint preparation and implementation of local public policies. The organisation of this conference is scheduled within the framework of the research programme backed by the Region of Brittany (ISBET - Indicateurs Sociétaux de Bien-être Territorialisés), as a follow-up to the workshop-seminar organised by PEKEA in 2006. A strong similarity then appeared with the research program undertaken by the Council of Europe on the measurement of social cohesion. The Council of Europe has now come alongside us in this symposium. In 2007, the OECD also moved closer to this programme and its perspectives, as stated in the « Istanbul Declaration », our conference appears as a step in the OECD program “Measuring and fostering the progress of societies”.

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