Our partners : Stakeholder Forum, the new economic foundation, World Future Council, ANPED, ALOE. This two days meeting has as main aims : Build a common and agreed vision on a sustainable economy and the needed international framework and (...)
The conference will analyze and offer actionable recommendations for the ongoing economic crisis and reform proposals, including the new initiatives of the G-20 and the Obama administration. Issues will range from banks and regulation reform to (...)
November 14, 2008
The international financial system has come to a pass which we had not seen since 1929. The difficulties we are confronting will not be overcome by spontaneous market adjustments or minor regulatory interventions: what we need is a new financial (...)
A stage along the OECD Programme: "Measuring and Fostering the Progress of Societies" Economic competitiveness and efficiency remain the priorities sought by societies and the ultimate objectives of public policy, while these should only be (...)
An IRE and EPS Workshop with the Support of the Charles Leopold Mayer Foundation. Paris, June 16 and 17, 2008 With : James K. Galbraith - Barkley Rosser - Pierre Jacquet - Christian Chavagneux - Paul Davidson - Bill Black - Lord John Eatwell - (...)