More and more people agree that humanity has entered in a “great transition” process. That means a systemic change from the reality of the societies at the end of the 20th century to what should be the global society by (...)
Pierre Essay On Oeconomy Translation from “L’Essai sur l’oeconomie” by Pierre Calame, published at Editions Charles-Léopold Mayer, Paris, 2009. Translated from French by Michael C. Behrent, reviewed by the author. All rights reserved. Download (...)
par Colin Bradford & Martin Albrow (27-03-2009)
London on April 2nd becomes the site for the second global summit of twenty rather than of eight. At the London G20 Summit, hosted by Gordon Brown, the leaders of the major new “great powers”, China, India and Brazil, will be prominent. The G20, (...)
The financial system of the United States and of the Western world had come to a pass which we had not seen in our professional lifetimes. We are confronting a series of difficulties which will not be overcome by ordinary processes of market (...)