04. Regulation of Goods and Services

The extension of the sphere of the market seems without limit but can the same modes of production, distribution and consumption be applied to goods as varied as biodiversity, natural resources, industrial products, personal care, culture, knowledge, health and transportation?

While the market is undeniably an efficient regulator in certain cases, is it everywhere and always so? And if we recognize that the market can malfunction, is it enough to shore it up with taxation or rationing mechanisms? Depending on the type of good in question, what’s more, specific mechanisms of production, distribution and consumption need to be developed. This will involve imagining new modes of regulation, reaching agreement concerning the specific levels at which certain goods are produced and consumed and their social and environmental consequences.

IRE wishes to contribute to this effort by organizing events and offering on its site analyses and studies concerning the regimes of governance of various types of goods, the regulation of natural resources (renewable and non-renewable alike), intellectual property and growth in the “free” economy as well as public-private partnership experiments.