Initiative pour repenser l'économie
Serving People and Planet : Principles and Policy-Levers for a Global Transition of our Economies
Conférence / Les 8 et 9 janvier à New York
mardi, 5 avril 2011

Partenaires : Stakeholder Forum, the new economic foundation, World Future Council, ANPED, ALOE.

Cette réunion de deux jours, réunissant plusieurs organisations de la société civile, constitue une étape dans le cadre de la préparation de Rio +20. Les débats se tiendront en anglais.

This project has as main aims :

- Build a common and agreed vision on a sustainable economy and the needed international framework and combine and/or design innovative proposals to achieve this ;

- Bring together different networks and think tanks working on those issues and find synergy between concepts and proposals ;

- Formulate together “7 leverage points for Sustainable Economies”, and develop an international framework for implementing and guiding the transition ;

- Develop tools/methods to integrate this global, coherent vision at national levels

- Publish a book with the results before Rio+20

- Influence the outcomes at Rio+20 (and beyond)

Documents joints
• Leverage points for a great transition, (PDF - 130.8 ko)
• principles for a great transition, (Word - 21 ko)
• Leverage means for a great transition, (PDF - 13.4 ko)